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We have a variety of caterers you can choose from Indian to Italian. If you have booked a wedding venue that does not offer catering, then the best way to feed your guests is going to be by hiring one of these professional wedding caterers. Catering for hundreds of people can get chaotic so one must make sure the caterers are equipped to meet the demand for the number of guests.

To make sure the food is up to standard, we’ve rounded up the questions you can’t forget to ask your supplier:

Do they cater to halal/vegetarian requirements? Having a wedding with hundreds of guests can be challenging to make sure everyone is satisfied. Maybe a custom menu with different option requirements should be something to consider.

Last-minute requests?
In most Asian weddings the numbers of guests occasionally increase. Would your caterer be able to accommodate this? Having an extra amount of food for unpredictable moments may be ideal.

Food tasting?
You want top-quality food to serve hundreds of guests. So, it is important to try the food and find out popular and tasty dishes from our previous successful wedding days. This is your chance to see the portion of the food we provided to each guest and also, provide them with valuable feedback.

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