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Are you Looking for the perfect wedding venue for your big day?
No matter what you want from your wedding venue, WeddingPlanningBD will find you the perfect setting for your special day. We have a range of beautiful wedding venues on our website for you to browse and you can filter tour wedding venue search to ensure that you find something that fulfills your needs. May it be the number of guests, space for a marquee, or features that come with the venue- we have it all covered.

Asking the right questions and choosing the right venue is the most consuming part of your wedding planning so we’ve rounded up the questions you can’t forget to ask your supplier:

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It is important for the bride to have space to get ready for her big day. How many people can the bridal room accommodate?

It is important there is enough space for families to settle. With hundreds of people, it can get very busy and congested. When searching for a venue one should consider space for their families.

Pray facilities are important to any wedding. Is our prayer room is facilitated for both genders?

Does the venue offer enough parking for guests?

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Common Questions


Depending on the amount of people you will invite the price will differ. Generally the more people you have the more discounts you can get. It is important find out what discounts these are.


You can choose tour catering from the supplier or you can opt to get it yourself. It is important to make sure the food is good quality. You can ask for a taster before you confirm the caterer.


Wedding slots are usually in the day time or evening time. It is important to know how long you can book the venue for. Some venues differ depending on demand.

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